Be Energy Efficient With Your Washing

Before you buy a new washing machine, you may want to consider how energy efficient its performance is. Energy efficient washers save users money in the long run as they cost less to operate and are better for the environment because they use less water. It’s a win-win!

Appliances in the EU are ranked for energy efficiency from A+++ to D, so bear this in mind when shopping and choose wisely.

Here are some of the more affordable A+++ models on the market that we have selected for their user friendliness and great features:

Hotpoint HV8B-593G

We love the funky graphite design of this machine, which looks super modern, and its large 8 kilogramme load
capability. It offers a quick 1500rpm spin speed, which gets rid of surplus water and decreases drying times .
Equipped with 16 different wash cycle options, the HV8B-593G offers Time Saver, Mini Load and Eco Wash functions to ensure maximum efficiency. A great added feature for smaller homes, this washer can even function at super quiet levels in certain modes.

Samsung ecobubble WF70F5E2W4W

This washer features Samsung’s awesome ecobubble technology, which froths up the detergent with water and air before the cycle starts, so that it penetrates clothing more quickly and easily, making a cool wash as effective as a regular warm wash, and therefore saving energy. There is a variety of wash cycles, but we especially love the Baby Care function, which minimises any detergent residue left in the fabric, making it more gentle on delicate skin. Finally, the five-year manufacturer’s warranty provides buyers with great peace of mind in making their purchase.

Panasonic NA-127VB5WGB

This washing machine is a fantastic energy-efficient pick. With the focus on fast results, the washer features Panasonic’s HydroActive technology, which cleans clothes with multi-directional jets of water to penetrate and
clean them faster. The machine also comes equipped with an auto-load sensor to calculate the weight of each load and reduce power and water consumption if required. If you are in a hurry, the rapid wash function can launder up to 2 kilogrammes of clothes in only 20 minutes, and this washer goes above and beyond most by having even more added extras, such as a child safety lock and 24 hour delay timer for anytime washing.

Indesit XWE91282XS

This washing machine is extremely attractive in silver and has an impressive load capacity of 9 kilogrammes. One
of the best features about this machine is its ability for extreme speed – it’s quick wash cycle, for up to 1.5 kilos of clothes, takes only an astonishingly fast 9 minutes! The machine features a water balance feature, where it bases the amount of water and energy used on the size of each load. Furthermore, this model has a fantastic range of functions, including one for sportswear that can even handle shoes, and another for duvets and bulky items.


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