Best Blenders and Juicers to Give You a Drop of Goodness On The Go!

Blending and juicing are here to stay! Blended drinks once upon a time seemed to belong solely to the health food nuts, but in recent years they have hit the mainstream due to their ability to produce a quick and convenient dose of vitamins and nutrients. However, for the busy person on the go, home blending may seem time consuming and messy, and at about five quid a pop, buying freshly made smoothies and juices can put a serious hole in your wallet. With this in mind, we have sourced some of the best blenders and juicers options on the market that offer speed and convenience to any person on the run in need of a liquid dose of health.

Personal Blenders

Personal blenders are a diminutive alternative to the classic blender, and a great alternative to a full size blender for busy people on the go. Personal blenders will whip up a single serving of smoothie in seconds, with minimal mess and preparation time.

One of the best personal blenders around is the Cuisinart CPB-300 Smart Power Portable Blender, which packs a hefty price tag but delivers in results: it is a powerful 350 watts, crushing ice with ease, and it comes equipped with travel cups to store and transport your smoothie creations. The CBP-300 also doubles as a chopping aid if you need it to, working excellently to grind up coffee beans, nuts or garlic. The only downside, apart from the price tag, would be that this blender is relatively noisy.

Another great option for personal blending is the Breville Blend-Active Personal Blender, which features a BPA free blend jar that doubles up as a travel bottle for extra speed and practicality for grab and go drink making! It’s a great option for price, being a much cheaper alternative to the Cusinart CBP-300, it’s just a little less powerful at 300 watts than the Cusinart.


For those that prefer juice to smoothies, or don’t want to do any chopping or peeling, a juicer is a great option.
Juicers peel and pulp the fruit and veggies themselves, filtering out the juice of each. It takes a large amount of fruit and veg to produce a glass of juice as a result of this, but juice is both delicious and healthy.

The Philips 1861 is a great user-friendly juicer with a simple design. It features a large chute to drop fruit in, and a two-speed motor so it can easily handle softer and harder ingredients. It works efficiently and produces extremely smooth juice fast. The only obvious drawback with this model is that it is a little bulky, which may make it difficult to store.

The Omega Vert is like the holy grail of juicers – it works extremely quickly and easily handles all types of ingredients in a hurry, and the juice is all cold-pressed, maximising its nutritional benefits. The only drawback is the price, with the Omega Vert you pay for the speed and quality, so this may be a good investment for somebody who is planning to juice very regularly.


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