Best Compact Kitchen Solutions for Smaller Spaces

Excess space is not a luxury many of us can afford. With an increasing number of people living in urban settings,
space is limited, and new homes are getting smaller as a result of increasing demand for a city location. As all
owners of cramped flats will know, it is extremely difficult to kit out a kitchen that is functional and leaves you space to move around. Thankfully, help is at hand. Many companies have now realised that space is of the essence, and have provided cityslickers with solutions in the form of compact space-savers that will allow people to both bake their cake and eat it comfortably.

Adriano Conti Mini Kitchen

This radical design combines a dishwasher, fridge, vegetable washer, oven and cook top all in one unit! Possibly
the ultimate space saver, the Mini Kitchen is an entire kitchen in a single unit. It looks chic and stylish, like it would be at home in any urban setting, and it is also innovative in that it is also designed to conserve water and energy.

Cuisinart Griddle & Grill

If the Mini Kitchen is a bit too extreme, why not try a couple of more classic space savers from Cuisinart? Their 4
Way Griddle & Grill is perfect for expanding cooking options while saving space. The appliance comes with reversible griddle and grilll plates so you can make anything from seared steak to pancakes. The 4 Way can be fully opened to provide a larger cooking service, or used closed over as a panini press. It comes with adjustable temperature controls so results are perfect every time.

Fisher & Paykel DishDrawer

This excellent idea is so simple, yet effective. The Fisher & Paykel DishDrawer quite literally takes the space of a kitchen drawer, blending with your kitchen cabinets to keep your design looking sleek, and saving space. The
DishDrawer also uses less water than a regular dishwasher and is available in a variety of sizes to suit your
kitchen’s individual needs.

Krups Coffee Maker KM 1000

This compact coffee machine will provide you with your caffeine fix without taking up too much room on your worktop. When space is limited, so is storage, so the classy, sleek design is a huge plus of this maker if you are
planning to leave it out. An added bonus is that though it’s small, the Krups KM 1000 can brew 10 cups of coffee in one go, plus keep them hot for two hours before automatically turning off to conserve energy.

Joseph Joseph Index Advance with Knives

This neat little design combines a cutting board and knife set in one small, sleek unit. The Index Advance boards
are non slip and the knives stainless steel. The set is also colour coded so that you use the right knives and boards for the right foods. As a result, this design not only looks good, but it reduces risk of cross contamination from food preparation.


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