How to Become a Pro-Barista at Home

Is regular coffee not cutting it anymore? With coffee shops offering an array of flavoured, extra foamy, double shot, delicious caffeinated beverages, the humble cup of joe finds it hard to compete these days. However, these coffee offerings can get very pricey very fast – just one medium coffee house latte a day could set you back almost a hundred quid a month. That’s well over a grand annually on a daily caffeine fix!

Thankfully, coffee lovers can rejoice and make big savings by purchasing a home espresso machine… and you don’t need to be a trained barista to use it! Many machines on the market today are super simple to use, but still produce coffee house standard caps and lattes, meaning anyone can whip up just about any beverage in less time than it would take to wait in line at Pret or Costa, and at a fraction of the price. Here are a couple of our picks that deliver excellent results every time:

Gaggia Gran Prestige

Gaggia are a leading name in coffee products, and it’s easy to see why! Compact enough to fit on your kitchen counter, sleek and beautifully designed, the Gran Prestige delivers perfect shots of espresso and its steam wand works particularly well, whipping up hot, foamy milk in record time.

Philips Saeco Poemia

This machine comes with the handy perk of being able to use ground coffee to create the espresso shot, or an
Easy Serving Espresso pod – a pre measured and packed serving off coffee to save you time and make results
more consistent. It also has a cup holder for added convenience. Definitely a great machine for beginners.

Once you have purchased your machine, you can now be your own barista! Here are just some handy tips to remember when starting out:

Choose Wisely – Make sure you choose a good brand of coffee that suits your tastes. Experiment to see if you prefer light or dark roast, or nuttier or more caramel like aromas. You may be surprised how different coffee can taste and how this can effect your beverage overall.

Geek Up – Read the instruction manual of the machine you have purchased to learn if you can adjust the
temperature and extraction times for your espresso shots. Getting technical with coffee can be a lot of fun and it is interesting to learn how factors such as temperature can alter the taste of the finished espresso.

Accessorise – You can purchase handy tools to help you make your coffee and improve your experience. A great tool for beginners is a milk thermometer, to make sure you never burn your beautiful foam.

Practice – Be patient and allow yourself a few practice runs to learn how to foam the milk the way you like it, and
which coffee-to-milk ratios best suit your tastes. It can take a few tries, but practice makes perfect. Once you have figured out exactly what you like, you will be able to create your favourite beverage every time with zero hassle.Delizioso!


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