How to Create Your Perfect Piece of Toast

There is a huge array of kitchen toasters available on the market today, many of which have snazzy features and
chic designs that put them above and beyond the traditional toaster that merely browns two slices of bread at a
time. There are a few key things to consider when buying a toaster to guarantee maximum practicality and usage.

Slot Sizes

Man cannot live on bread alone, but man would definitely like the option of toasting bagels, crumpets and pitas. For this reason, make sure when buying a toaster that it features a setting or slot to take on wider or longer bread items and toast them gently without burning them.

The Breville VTT233 is an excellent price and offers great variable width slots which can hold four items at once. A pricier, but practical option, is the Dualit 2×2 Combi toaster, which features slots that are extra wide and deep and sandwich cages that are great for toasting teacakes. The slots are adjustable so thinner bread will toast just as nicely.


Toast is regularly eaten as an on-the-go breakfast, and nobody has time to patiently allow a toaster to take forever to give you a golden browned result! Choose a toaster that heats up quickly with a fast toasting time, and think about looking for a model that handles toasting frozen bread easily too, for maximum convenience. The Dualit 4 Slot Lite Toaster toasts four pieces of bread quickly, and has a function to “peek” at toast to check progress without shutting off the toasting cycle.

It may also be a good idea to consider toasters that have dual functions, too, allowing users to assemble a meal
with little time or effort. For example, The Tefal Toast N’ Egg is an innovative toaster that allows users to toast their bread and cook an egg simultaneously, taking only four minutes from start to finish to create a breakfast sandwich to dash out the door with. As it only poaches one egg and toasts two bread slices at a time, this would definitely make a great buy for a single person but may not be convenient for a family.


In a lot of kitchens, toasters sit out on the worktop, so make sure that the design you purchase either blends in with your kitchenware or makes a cute statement of its own – there are plenty of trendy chrome and bright colours on the market today – even glass toasters to let you watch the cooking process. Also, nobody wants a toaster that leaves a massive mess all over the kitchen countertops. Many models include crumb trays designed to slide out, so disposing of mess is hassle free.

The Bodum Bistro toaster comes in a range of fantastic bright colours and toasts nice and evenly; it also features
an easy-clean removable crumb tray. The Russell Hobbs Heritage 4 Slice Toaster is another great option in a
range of great colours, and both of these brands offer kettles to match these toasters so your kitchen can look
super coordinated.


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