Microwaves That Make A Statement

Microwaves are an excellent addition to any kitchen if you are looking for fast results and minimal mess. Great for reheating, defrosting and zapping meals to be steamy-hot in no time, microwaves often come with added features and special settings for certain foods, guaranteeing a perfectly cooked product every time. However, in the looks department, microwaves often fall short of the mark. A lot of microwaves on the market only come in standard black or white versions, with no focus on stylish design or innovation. So, we sourced both some of the sexiest and most weird and wonderful microwaves on the market so you can make a statement in your kitchen, while also performing well with high functionality and good results.

Sainsbury’s Stainless Steel Microwave

This gorgeous stainless steel unit would look excellent in any kitchen with its modern, yet simple design. We love
that it looks so elegant and expensive but has a really great price tag. At 800 watts, it features five different cooking programs and five heat settings, and a 20litre capacity, making it practical, powerful and pretty.

Fagor Sputnik

This microwave is not for the faint of heart! However, if you are into breaking away from the traditional and thinking outside the box of conventional design, the Fagor is the microwave for you. The ultimate in funky designs, this microwave is uniquely shaped like a dome, and offers users a 360 degree view of their cooking food, plus an illuminated turntable. It also boasts 700 watts and four different power levels, and we think it would look fantastic in any quirky, modern kitchen.

Akai A24005B

This stylish blue microwave is a lot snazzier looking than most, but this is not the only reason we love it. At 800
watts, this microwave performs well, with 5 different power levels and a 60 minute manual timer. Functional, solid and very cute, we love this microwave for any pastel themed kitchen, or for a colour pop in a modern, chrome
themed space.

Tricity Tesco Direct Combination Microwave

This microwave is really chic! The epitome of understated cool, we love how subtly modern and sleek this design is with it’s stainless steel finish and mirrored glass door. For such a slick design, it is also large and powerful, with a 25 litre capacity and 900 watts. The combination feature gives users microwave speed without taking away the flavour and texture of slower cooked foods.

Whirlpool MAX Steam Microwave in Orange

This microwave features an interesting rounded design which allows it to be tucked into corners and appear smaller than a traditional microwave, yet be just as spacious inside. We are not 100% convinced on the aesthetics of this microwave, but do love how it dares to be different. At 700 watts it is also is very functional, featuring a steam function for healthier cooking, and a jet defrost setting to speed up the defrosting process. It’s available in a variety of colours, but we favour the Orange for its kitsch-cool vibe.


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