The 5 Best-Looking Microwaves Around

Microwaves have become an essential part of everyone’s kitchen. From frozen dinners (when you’re feeling lazy),
to instant ramen noodles (when you’re feeling poor), to warming up yesterday’s leftovers (when you don’t have time to make something), the microwave is the apex of kitchen convenience. But it’s not always the apex of kitchen design.

Most microwaves are just plain ugly and boring. Luckily we found a few that rise above the rest in terms of design. So here’s our list of the best-looking microwaves out there.

1. The Vintage

The Swan Vintage SM22030 truly earns its name. At first glance it looks like it belongs on the set of ‘That 70’s
Show’. It comes in muted cream, light blue, or red finish, it has a ridge pull-handle and the controls are two simple dials. But behind that retro exterior is a fully-modern microwave. It has six different settings, including defrost, and touch buttons in addition to the dials. The timer goes up to 60 minutes, with a digital display to let you know how much time is left. The metal parts are made of real metal, none of that chrome-plated plastic.

2. The Colourful

If you like simple and colourful, the ColourMatch MM717CX Manual Microwave is the way to go. Its bright red
colour and stripped-down controls will make it stand out in any kitchen. The manual dials are great if you don’t have the patience for a million singing and dancing digital settings. Just pop in your food, choose between one of five power settings, and crank the timer to the right spot. While you’re waiting you can sit back and enjoy the chilli-red finish.

3. The Chic

If you’re in the black-and-chrome school, you might want to go with the Samsung MS23F301EAK microwave. It’s
glossy black all over, except for the silver door handle. Its controls are super minimal, with just two dials – one for power, one for time. The time dial doesn’t even bother with numbers. It just has a little clock icon. The digital clock tells how much time is left. And with a 23-litre capacity, the MS23F301EAK is roomier than most microwaves out there.

4. The Modern

If you need something big and powerful that still won’t leave your kitchen looking like an office breakroom, check out the Panasonic NN-ST462WBPQ. With up to 900W of power and a 27 litre capacity, it can handle any family’s frozen dinner. It’s clean, attractive display boasts a whopping 19 preset options. And its inverter technology means that the NN-ST462WBPQ takes significantly less time to heat up, so it can get that soup piping hot faster. Plus you won’t have any more overcooked edges.

5. The Ebel

The Daewoo KOR6N9RR is definitely the most rock-and-roll microwave out there. Its look is kind of like a cross
between a 1950’s TV set and an electric guitar. It comes in black, white, fire-hydrant red, purple, or robins-egg blue. It has a chrome handle and chrome buttons, plus some other potentially unnecessary but cool-looking chrome knobs. The KOR6N9RR features five standard settings, plus auto defrost.


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