The Best Chest Freezers for Large Families

If you often buy food in bulk, you should probably consider getting a chest freezer (if you don’t already have one). They’re huge and great at keeping lots of things frozen for long periods. They’re also relatively inexpensive compared to their size. So if you’re shopping for a large family, or like to stock up on perishables from big box stores, a chest freezer is a good bet. They’re also useful if you like to buy whole chickens or turkeys, or large cuts of lamb or beef. You could save a fair amount of money this way, since food prices are rising.

What to Know Before Buying

There are a couple unique factors to think about before you buy a chest freezer, though. Because they’re so big, you may want to keep yours in a basement or garage – that’s a good move. Just make sure you know how cold your garage can get during the year. Here’s why: certain chest freezers actually won’t work right if the room they’re in gets too cold. Others are fine with a larger range of temperatures. So if the freezer is going in an unheated garage, just know the range of temperatures it will experience during the year.

Ok, so what are the best freezers on the market? Some features you may want to consider when looking at freezers are: how long the freezer can go between defrostings; whether the cover is counterbalanced (so that you don’t have to worry about it falling on your head or fingers when you’re rooting around in there); number and
placement of trays; and energy use.

Freezer Fit for a Mastodon

If you buy food in woolly mammoth-sized portions, you should look at the John Lewis 400 litre freezer. Of the
extra-large freezers on the market, this is one of the more affordable ones, at £369. This one is good for the garage and has an A+ energy rating, so you’ll be saving money both on food and electricity. It also comes with a
three-year warranty.

Slightly smaller but with a big drop in price is the Beko CF1300APW. It holds 360 litres but starts at only £289. Like the John Lewis, it has an A+ rating and is safe for garage use.

Tall Boys

Some people prefer freezers which are taller than they are long, because they take up less floor space. One of the best in this category is the Electrolux EC1501AOW. This one holds 140 litres and starts at around £229. It has a counterbalanced lid, but can’t take temperatures below 10?. So it might not work for an unfinished basement or unheated garage in the UK. It comes with an A+ rating and a two-year warranty.

Smaller and cheaper but still a good bet is the Fridgemaster MCF98. Starting at £119, this one only holds up to 98 litres of frozen goods. Like the Electrolux, it is only good down to 10?.

Spending Freeze

If your biggest concern is efficiency, we’ve got a couple models for you to look at: the JLHCH101 from John Lewis, and the Haier BD-103RAA. Both cost well under £200, hold about 100 litres, and cost about £25 to £26 worth of electricity per year to run.

Do your research and you’ll find the perfect chest freezer for your family.


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