The Home of the Future is Almost Here

The future is here, so it seems! GE Appliances have created a glimpse into what our homes may look and feel like a decade from now with their project Home 2025. The company studied the trends in what homeowners would like to see in their houses, and tracked the advances being made in technology in recent years, to come up with an actual visualisation of the future by reimagining and conceptualising how we live from day to day in our homes. And, we must say that the results are spectacular.

Smart Water

Home 2025 features a completely reimagined kitchen, with appliances like a smart kitchen tap that not only
dispenses filtered water, ice, carbonated water, vitamins and other beverages, but also comes with a built-in
hydration sensor that will let users see their personal hydration level instantly by putting a finger on the faucet. While this sounds insanely advanced, we will actually be seeing this sort of feature quite soon in the home, with Samsung just having released the first refrigerator that dispenses sparkling water.

Future Cooking

Also prevalent in future kitchen is induction cooking, with cooking modules that feature combined technology of
induction cooking, sensor cooking and traditional thermal ovens, to wipe away our need for traditional burners. The idea is that these induction units will be able to sync to your smartphone, so you can monitor the progress of your cooking from any room in the house. Smart appliances do look like they will be taking over the home soon – LG have just recently showcased their Smart Oven and Smart Refrigerator, which sync up to your smartphone and allow you to change settings and preheat the oven from wherever you are!

Dream Closets

Moving on from the kitchen, appliances in the laundry room have been given a stylish launch into the future in
Home 2025 as well. The Easy-care Laundry Machine sounds like a dream come true – a machine that washes and
dries clothing before storing items in “pellet” form, that can be dispensed either in ready-to-wear condition (the
machine steams the clothes before dispensing if you select this option), or in compressed form to pack for travelling, or to easily carry a spare outfit with you. The innovation in laundry has already begun today, with Miele recently releasing a new range of machines with options to dispense your choice of fragrance to clothing, and a SteamCare setting that dewrinkles clothes during the wash cycle.

Onwards and Upwards

Many companies are tapping into the vision of our future to bring other futuristic ideas into today. Green Wave
Reality are innovating Wi-Fi connected light bulbs which you can control from your iPhone, while Carnegie Mellon
researchers are working on a security system that can actually anticipate what people are about to do, to stop a potential break-in before it even happens. And so as we look to the future, everything seems bright – and we
certainly hope to be seeing many of these innovations in our homes shortly!


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