The Hottest Steam Irons on the Market

Many people can share a horror story or two about an iron that has wrecked a piece of clothing by burning it. Add this to the lengthy time it takes to iron a basket of clothes, and it is easy to see why so many people rate ironing as one of their least favourite tasks!

While ironing may never be the most popular job in the world, there are some irons that can definitely make it more
bearable. When shopping for an iron, it is important to look for practicality and ease of use. The best irons will offer features focused on making ironing quicker and easier, like steam and temperature controls, different options and settings for different fabrics, all designed to ensure your clothes stay beautiful and get wrinkle-free fast. Here are some with features that we just love, to make your job of choosing the right steam iron for your needs that little bit easier.

Philips Perfect Care Azur GC4914

We loved how this iron was built with the user in mind. The Perfect Care Azur features OptimalTemp technology and an ionic soleplate. These allow users to iron different fabrics without manually adjusting the temperature or having to worry about burns or scorches; great for cutting down time spent ironing. The iron also has a large tank, allowing it to power through a lot of items before needing to stop for a refill, and its lightweight design made it nice and easy on the arms, while still delivering a powerful wrinkle fighting ability. This iron was our pick for people who wanted to get a lot of laundry ironed quickly with minimal fussing around.

Panasonic Concept 360° Quick NI-W450TS

This iron has a totally unique and well-designed ability to move 360° in any direction. Its titanium coated elliptical plate is designed to glide easily over any type of fabric, without catching or bunching. The plate is also a slightly larger than most, with extra steam holes, and this ensures faster ironing, especially on larger items. The steamer on the iron has a variety of temperature settings and extra features that include a vertical steaming option for use without an ironing board, and a spray mist setting for times you may require extra moisture. This one took the prize for most innovative design and ironing large fabrics in record time.

Singer 9.26 Expert Finish

This smart iron has a lot going for it. It is very quick to heat up and uses its water slowly, and it features a precision tip for accuracy when ironing pleated or small items. The Expert Finish distributes its steam very evenly, and is even clever enough for the iron to suggest to the user if steam is necessary, depending on the type of fabric they are ironing. At less than 3lbs, with a 360° pivoting cord, this iron also offers the user ease of use and plenty of motion. We rated the Singer for being gentle and light, making it highly useable, while still being effective and delivering quick results.


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