The Lowdown on the World’s Most Expensive Refrigerators

A refrigerator being viewed as merely a necessary, functional kitchen appliance is definitely an attitude of the past! In recent years, many companies have worked hard at redesigning the humble fridge’s image, and today there are a number of chic, sleek designs on the market created to look dazzling in any modern kitchen. But two companies in particular, Northland and Sub-Zero, have taken the idea of a luxury refrigerator to a whole new level of expensive! Each weighing it with hefty price tags of £6000 and up, the one question on all of our lips is… Is there a legitimately good reason that anybody would actually purchase one of these? Here are the specs on these Rolls Royces of refrigerators, and a look at if the price could possibly be justifiable.

The Northland 72″ Side by Side Custom Refrigerator

This gorgeous appliance is a side by side stainless steel refrigerator and freezer, with the fridge side featuring a tempered glass door and shelves, with natural daylight-style lighting to keep your kitchen looking cooler than a
cucumber. It’s certainly spacious, too, with 48.3 cubic feet of space. Northland have really delivered with the classy, eye catching design, but we reckon the glass door may also be a pain after a while of always making sure your fridge’s contents are beautifully displayed and arranged. The minimalist design also means that there is not a water or ice dispenser in the door of this fridge (the freezer does have an ice maker), so in some ways we do feel that style has definitely come before practicality in the case of this beauty.

Sub-Zero PRO 48 Refrigerator

Just a little pricier than the Northland model, the sculpted steel Sub-Zero PRO 48 is similarly attractive, but with a few added extras in the feature department. The Sub-Zero has dual refrigeration – two compressors and three
evaporators, to be precise – and this offers the owner more temperature control options, and is also said to keep food fresher for longer and limit odour transfer as a result. The design is roomy and spacious, and it can be
freestanding or integrated with kitchen fixture. This fridge even has an auto-close system for its doors to ensure no warmth ever gets in. The glass door is optional on this model; it can also be purchased in solid steel. Again, no water dispensing option, although the freezer has an automatic ice maker.

In conclusion, both of these fridges are flashy, with stunning ergonomic designs, and do their jobs well. However, it is impossible to overlook the fact that there are many more designs on the market at a fifth of the price that we could say the same about. And as for the added features of the Sub Zero, they may be impressive, but maybe not enough to prevent the price tag from chilling our enthusiasm… for anybody with any kind of budget in their lives, these ones may be reserved for only the true refrigerator enthusiasts!


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