The Panasonic Steam Combi Microwave Steams Ahead

Cooking with microwaves is hardly glorified in the culinary world. Many people just use their microwave to heat leftovers, or to make ready meals. Microwave cooking is also becoming less popular because of claims that it destroys food’s nutritional value. Well, not anymore!

Panasonic have come up with an incredible new innovation in microwaves which totally changes the way we can use them in our cooking.

The Panasonic Steam Combi NN-CS894 Microwave is revolutionary in that it combines the power of steaming,
baking, grilling, and traditional microwaving. The technology claims to retain the vitamins in the food it cooks and also save time when compared to using a traditional oven.

Streamily Healthy

Too good to be true? Well, not really. Steaming food has long been seen as an excellent cooking method to lock in nutrients, and the Steam Combi uses this technique to cook dishes healthily. Steam guarantees that nutrients,
moisture and flavour are sealed in, and users often report that steam cooked foods do not require the same
amount of added salt and oil as other methods. Really, the Steam Combi cooks in quite the opposite way of what a user would expect from a traditional microwave.

The Steam Combi offers 8 different steam only programs, and 8 steam combined with microwaving selections, so
users can choose the cooking method and time that best suit their needs at that moment. You just simply select the food category and one of the 28 auto weight programs, and the machine does the rest for you, guaranteeing
correct cooking time and power for perfect results. We love the ease that the automatic functions give the user.

Versatility and Variety

In addition to steaming food, the Combi cooking function allows use of different cooking techniques simultaneously, massively increasing the versatility of this product. The Combi function also cuts down time spent in the kitchen as foods all cook at once, and the Steam Combi has built in sensor technology that save you the job of adjusting power levels or manually programming cooking times. Another huge bonus is that mess is limited, as every part of a meal is cooked in the same place. The back and top surfaces in the Steam Combi are even self-cleaning, while the other surfaces have an easy-wipe fluoric coating.

While the Steam Combi does offer a variety of cooking options, it is expensive. It’s the kind of product that would be extremely worth your while if you want to cook nutritious meals every night but not spend a lot of time in the
kitchen. You could think of it as a healthy-alternative microwave for convenience but also peace of mind concerning healthy cooking. However, for those who enjoy the experience of being at the stove cooking every evening, this may not be the product for you.

Overall, the Steam Combi is a fantastically innovative product, and we applaud its multi-functionality, sleek design, and healthful benefits, as well as incredible time and mess saving skills.


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